A few old PDF not downloadable by not registered users


We are running OJS version

We have found a problem with the PDF files of the first three issues of our first journal launched in 2018 on OJS version PDF can only be downloaded by registered users, not by anonymous ones. The problem does not arise for subsequent issues and articles, so we think something went wrong during a migration in 2019 between and, but we cannot work out what.

Does anyone have any idea what we need to change and in which table to restore the expected open access to these articles?

Link to one of these article: https://oap.unige.ch/journals/abrep/article/view/2
PDF: https://oap.unige.ch/journals/abrep/article/view/2/780

Thanks and regards

Hi @claivaz,

Interesting… are you seeing any errors in your PHP error log that you could share? that might help to pinpoint the issue.

PKP Team

Hello Roger,

I’m sorry, but no PHP errors are reported in the logs.
We noticed that the object issue is not defined for these articles and found a way to bypass the problem.
In /journals/pages/article/ArticleHandler.inc.php we added at line 465:

// bug: issue is not defined for the first 21 articles
// bypass further 
	if (!$issue && $submission->getStatus() == STATUS_PUBLISHED && $articleId < 22) {
	return true;

Of course, we would prefer to solve this “issue” thing.

By the way, on our test server (which is a copy of the prod one), I tried to unpublish and republish these issues, but it didn’t change anything.

Hi @claivaz,

I’d suggest exploring your database a little – you can probably identify and correct a data condition fairly easily rather than trying to fix it via coding (which will be tougher and need maintenance).

In particular, look at the status columns of the submissions and publications table. If you know a submission ID for an affected submission, try:

SELECT s.status, p.status FROM submissions s, publications p WHERE p.submission_id = s.submission_id AND s.submission_id = 1234;

…replacing 1234 with the submission ID.

Check to see whether a “working” article is different in this regard from one that is broken.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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