The DOI registration server returned an error

Hi, this is similar to past posts for previous OJS versions ([OJS] Crossref DOI fail) however I haven’t found a solution in these posts. When trying to register DOIs to Crossref using the plugin this message appears…

" Registration was not successful! The DOI registration server returned an error: ‘No response from server.’

I am able to manually upload to Crossref so nothing is wrong there and our metadata is good. I contacted Crossref (as suggested in previous posts) and got this reply:

" OJS is not our system, so we’re limited in how much we can help you with its use. Please contact OJS’s Support team or search the PKP Community Forum for more information on how to modify your OJS instance to submit metadata and register DOIs with Crossref."

It would be great to find a solution to this,

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Anyone able to help with this?

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I always get this error when trying to register a lot of articles at once. I assume it just means that the Crossref server gets overloaded. If that’s what you are doing, the solution might be to register a small number at a time.

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We recently had to upgrade server to add OJS3.1.2.4 which is when the error occurred. Our IT team fixed this accidentally - this is what they said…

"check that you can make a connection to Crossref by pinging or doing a curl first. In our case it was a previous proxy server setting (found in the config.inc.php) that wasn’t required and actually prevented the OJS sites from communicating out to the internet. As the server already has a direct connection to the internet, removing the proxy setting allowed the OJS sites to communicate properly again.

Jut found this in the PKP forums with similar suggestions:
Issues with the DOI-CrossRef automatic registration"

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