[] References: extracting, linking and depositing

Hello, I see several threads on handling references within OJS published articles, but I cannot find any guidelines or best practices.
We started adding “clean” links within the article reference list in the typeset version (e.g. using the word “CrossRef” or “Online” → each containing the actual live link) but once we parse them in the “Extract references” tab in metadata the links are not picked up and you lose them on the online version of the article.

In this example, I manually replaced the URL in ref. 1, while ref. 2 shows the format I would like to use (the word “Online”), which unfortunately does not keep the URL.

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 11.40.07

Therefore, I wonder what the best way to handle the reference extraction is; also with regards to depositing references to CrossRef.
Any, any experience on this topic will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi @lsteele,

Citations form allows saving references this way, at least it’s possible on my test instance, e.g.:

<a href="https://....">Online</a>

Are you using this approach or something different?