3.1.1 2 ojs - submissions no longer showing up in list of submissions

Hi all –

I have just upgraded fro to 3.1.1-2. When doing so, everything is functioning fine, except the Submission list in the back-end admin view is not showing any submissions (in any of the tabs – My Queue, Unassigned, All Active, nor Archives). This is strange because I can find the Submissions using the URLs, e.g.:


But when accessing the Submissions URL, I see only a blank box where the submissions should be listed:


It must not be a database connection error since all data is present when I dial directly to a URL for an individual submission. Seems to be a problem with CSS or the PHP for the submission URL (http://journal.iasa-web.org/pubs/submissions).

Has anyone experienced this, or can anyone help me do some troubleshooting? I’m at a loss of where to go next.

Thanks, and best –

Did you try deleting your browser cache and OJS file cache? (see a maybe related issue and my experience here: Add timestamp to CSS and JS files for when they are built · Issue #3340 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub)

That did the trick! Thanks much. - Bert

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