260,000 downloads since January 2016?

For some reason we had not been keeping statistics at www.rnoph.org. Then we went open access in January 2016 (rather than requiring registration as in the past, other than from authors). Now we have over 260,000 PDF downloads! Is this really possible? The patterns do make sense; the more interesting articles get the most downloads.

We have our site set with a request that our full text PDFs not be searchable, by the way, so it’s not full text they are searching to find it!

Does this mean folks found the abstract or title somehow, or author or keyword, and then made a decision to open the PDF? Amazing! Can we have confident in these stats?

  • Mike Dover, Editor

Hi @reflections,

It’s hard to say what’s plausible from here – but if you’re curious, one way to audit is to review your web server’s access log to look at request habits for a few articles.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team