2.4.7 update issue with links


I just upgraded to 2.4.7 and noticed that a bunch of hyperlinks are not rendering correctly. For example, the read more link for announcements is showing up as “##announcement.viewLink##”. Is there a patch out for this already? The existing patches did not seem to address this specific problem.


The double hash marks around the text indicate that this is a translation key where the translated text is missing for your locale.

There is a plugin which facilitates finding and translating missing text such as this. See:

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Kind thanks, @ctgraham, simply enabling the plugin and running “check” seemed to fix the problem. I am using English so there is no reason why any of the elements should not be translated so I assume it was an upgrade quirk.

Seeing this from the English locale probably just meant that the caches needed to be cleared.
User Home → Site Admin → Clear [Template / Data] Cache

This probably happened automatically around the time you enabled the Translate plugin.

Incidentally, I cleared the caches as well so that probably was the original problem. Thanks again!