Feature Requests

Security in the registry (5)
Canceling an already accepted review request (OJS 3.0.2) (8)
Allow Subscription Manager to add new users (1)
Feature request - content checking to prevent duplicate submissions (1)
Journal level DOIs (6)
Report of Problem (1)
Auto-fill author data in submission in QuickSubmit (4)
Crossref iThenticate Similarity Check (1)
OMP/PKP add user programatically. OMP 3 (1)
SWORD-Plugin for OJS 3.x (8)
Additional fields for forms (2)
Multiple feature requests for OJS3 ( 2 ) (21)
Submitting softcopy instead of a file and other requests (1)
OMP plugin develop howto (1)
OJS 3.1 journal "initial issue" (1)
Adding a link to view other submissions by the same author to editor dashboard in OJS3.1 (1)
OJS 3.x.x Choice to pick language for forms and templates when sending e-mails (6)
ORCID-Field in OJS3 does not accept https (9)
Grouping journals by category, planned feature or tips on template customisation (3)
Crossref - Crited By (3)
Suggest Reviewers from Author (4)
A way to perform review online (7)
Handle Notification mailing list in OJS3 (8)
Will you update OJS Documentation for OJS 3x. Please (1)
[OJS 3.1] Section Editor Column and Reviewer Status (1)
Filter is great in OJS 3.1 but we need filter by date (3)
Feature request - Delay in processing review (2)
Improve the process to follow the reviews with counters (1)
Assign article to issues (20)
Displaying english strings instead of language keys (2)