Feature Requests

Crossref - Crited By (3)
Suggest Reviewers from Author (4)
A way to perform review online (7)
Handle Notification mailing list in OJS3 (8)
Will you update OJS Documentation for OJS 3x. Please (1)
[OJS 3.1] Section Editor Column and Reviewer Status (1)
Filter is great in OJS 3.1 but we need filter by date (3)
Feature request - Delay in processing review (2)
Improve the process to follow the reviews with counters (1)
Assign article to issues (20)
Displaying english strings instead of language keys (2)
Request to give CrossRef Sponsorship on case to case basis (19)
References, Export, CrossRex plugin OJS 3.1.X (1)
Policies (1)
OJS 3 - Submission tracking improvements (1)
How to show the issues of archive horizontally and not vertically? (3)
In "Add Reviewer" have means of deleting reviewers (2)
reCAPTCHA V2 for ojs (4)
Submission in language that is not primary OJS 3.0.2 (3)
Translator, author OJS 3.0.2 (1)
Ethical standards submenu in About journal page OJS 3.X (1)
Current Roles listing and user rights are not transparent (3)
Include abbreviation of journal title in the HTML header (2)
ISSN (print) and ISSN (ejournal) (10)
Move Static Pages plugin to Core and remove settings like masthead, about the journal, for readers etc (1)
ISSn, ISBN OJS 3.0.2 (1)
Subscription block (1)
Make notification emails for new announcements and issues optional in OJS3.0.2 ( 2 ) (28)
Installation of language OJS 3.0.2 (2)
Mark and delete several users (6)