Feature Requests

OJS 3.1 system service request (2)
Allow multiple file upload (4)
reCAPTCHA V2 for ojs (12)
Text align option in Rich Text Editor (1)
Some small things we'd like to see (17)
OMP: filtering for book catalog (7)
OMP translation plugin similar to Transposh for Wordpress (2)
Removing journal signatures from reviewer response emails version (4)
Upgrade OJS 3.0.2 to 3.1.0-1 locale missing (17)
Improve Google Scholar exposure with reference metatags! (6)
Journals page design layout with ul (4)
Translation export option OJS 3.X (1)
JATS XML wysiwyg editor (4)
Deleting user OJS 3.1.0-1 (6)
Google Scholars Profile Plugin (3)
"Pay-per-view" plugin, access options and payment types with OJS3.1 (3)
How to merge authors? Is it possible? (9)
More customizable front page (6)
OMP user auth/create/update feature (1)
Security in the registry (5)
Canceling an already accepted review request (OJS 3.0.2) (8)
Allow Subscription Manager to add new users (1)
Feature request - content checking to prevent duplicate submissions (1)
Journal level DOIs (6)
Report of Problem (1)
Auto-fill author data in submission in QuickSubmit (4)
Crossref iThenticate Similarity Check (1)
OMP/PKP add user programatically. OMP 3 (1)
SWORD-Plugin for OJS 3.x (8)
Additional fields for forms (2)